✨Behind the Scenes Access✨

Hello lovely family, friends, and supporters! By donating to our Kickstarter you are now privy to the ~very exclusive~ behind the scenes content filmed during the making of our documentary. We hope you have as much fun watching our BTS shenanigans as we did filming them!

VLOG #11: If you’ve ever wanted to hear audrey, josh & hannah scream sing BRASS GOGGLES in a moving vehicle, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Sadly, this is our last production vlog. But stay tuned for progress with post production!! Luv ya’ll <3 Thanks for tuning in <3

VLOG #10: In this extremely brief vlog, we venture to Strongsville High School to begin the venture of filming final interviews for the documentary.

VLOG #9: The gang heads to Solon High School to film both Garfield & Strongsville competing. We ended up not vlogging all that much so INSTEAD we are interrupting our regularly scheduled shenanigans to bring you this impromptu MTV Cribs style tour of SHS that MIM’s Daylon Gulley gave us…which is nothing short of iconic.

VLOG #8: BTS from our trip to Loveland, OH for the Loveland Showfest! This vlog was guest edited by the one & only Greek legend Artemis Polemis. <333

VLOG #7: Here is a collection of some footage that has not been included in the vlogs we’ve posted so far. Our next filming dates will be the actual competition days themselves so we are preparing for those currently. In the mean time, enjoy this silly content!

VLOG #6: In this VERY special edition of the documentary vlogs, Taylor & Audrey react to a vlog they made in early 2012 on the way to Piqua’s competition while also eating Chipotle!!! Enjoy <3

VLOG #5: In the latest vlog, Audrey, Hannah and Josh venture to visit ALL FIVE of their choirs all across Ohio. They started way down in the Cincinnati area and worked their way back up to Northeast Ohio, ending at Solon!

VLOG #4: Audrey, Hannah, Taylor & Josh visited Strongsville, Solon, and Garfield Heights! Audrey had several flight issues in the process but she made it work :) They also filmed MIM Presents which was the first event of Solon’s season in which they perform their show. Enjoy the vlog! <3

VLOG #3: Hannah & Audrey head to their first film festival premiere in Akron, OH with their cousins as well as film with Garfield Heights, Strongsville, and Ross!

VLOG #2: Audrey, Taylor, and Hannah film with Solon, Strongsville, and Garfield Heights for the first time. You’ll also see some clips from Hannah & Audrey filming the Kickstarter perks for pledgers, some of which may have been your personal requests! :)

VLOG #1: Hunter, Taylor, and Audrey traveled to Hamilton, OH to kick off filming this documentary with Ross Legacy during their camp week! Here's a taste of what "Behind the Scenes Access" will look like throughout the filming process✨